Frequently Asked Questions

Of course, provided it’s not a human pest. The most common pests in Grande Prairie are listed on this site, but that doesn’t mean an unusual one won’t sneak into your house. The best way to check if we handle the bug or rodent pestering you is to contact us.

Anything from mechanical methods – traps and exclusions – to baits and chemical control. We’re also willing to try new methods for your home, providing they make sense for the pest at hand.

With our application techniques, not at all. We also won’t use certain chemicals in certain areas to best protect your family (furry friends and all).

As for your lawn, none of our chemicals will kill anything but bugs. We believe in protecting the environment, not destroying it.

There’s a reason we use different methods for different pests: if a chemical method is going to be ineffective, we can tackle the task another way. We will never use a method that’s ineffective just for the sake of using it. That’s a guarantee.

NO. Bed bugs – while being terribly unpleasant house guests – do not require a burning ceremony to get rid of and can be completely removed from your home and your belongings, providing you have the right tools, techniques, and methods to properly do so.

So, before you burn anything, give us a call.