Something bugging you? Whether you’ve got ants, bees, spiders, or mice, we have the right method to remove them.

At Green Piper, we choose the method based on the pest, as well as the size of the infestation. Certain vermin require specific tactics to properly remove. Using the wrong tactic can actually create new problems or worsen an infestation.


Chemical Control

Often used to control pests – usually those who have made their homes in your yard – chemical pest control remains a valuable pest control method.

This includes the use of pesticides and insecticides to manage pest populations and, ultimately, eliminate the problem. While we utilize a number of different chemical options, we always choose the best chemical for the problem pest. At Green Piper, we always include you in this decision as well and will always consider all the applicable options for every job. We also ensure that every chemical we choose is as environmentally friendly and responsible as possible.

This means that we’ll kill the ants without killing your lawn. Furthermore, we always practice safe application and disposal of these chemicals, so you never have to worry about any harmful effects to your health or your yard.


Sometimes, you just have to bait it out.

We have multiple types of bait at our disposal. This allows us to use the best bait for the pest, ensuring the complete eradication of your problem pest. With a number of tools and methods at our disposal – not to mention years of experience and training – we’ll always use the best placement and procedures for your specific needs.

From considering any potential harm to pets or wildlife to taking into account any specific baiting concerns you have, at Green Piper we only use the best bait pest control methods for you and your home or business.

Mechanical Control

At Green Piper, we both utilize and prescribe a number of different mechanical pest removal methods, including placing physical barriers and traps, as well as recommending personalized changes you can make in your home or business to provide unsuitable environments for all pests.


Sometimes called exclusion, physical barriers prevent the insect or rodent from entering your home in the first place. While this method is best employed before the pests get into your house, placing barriers is one of the many steps you can take to prohibit the problem from happening again. This involves ensuring all doors and windows have proper seals, covering any vents and pipes, repairing cracks in the foundation, and securing all other possible points of entry. It can also include prescriptions to the flow of your home or business, including moving garbage or waste material away from the exterior of the building and removing any food, water, nesting, and breeding areas. The two basic goals of exclusion is to prevent the pests from being able to enter your business or home, as well as creating an uninviting environment. After all, if they don’t want to enter your home, then they won’t even try.


When pests do try to enter your home, they, unfortunately, sometimes succeed. Another mechanical pest control method is to set up traps. This includes both live and lethal traps. As always, we give the best recommendation for the pest problem at hand. We also personally install and manage each trap, taking careful note of any concerns you may have regarding their placement or purpose. With years of experience behind us as well, we know how to ensure that the pests use the traps, instead of simply avoiding them.