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Believe it or not, some people keep pigeons as pets. Pigeons can quickly bond with humans and love expressing affection like other pets. But for the rest of us, pigeons make a terrible mess and can become a health hazard. Worst of all, their feces is corrosive and can eat through steel and concrete.

General information about pigeons
Pigeons were bred from the European rock dove and introduced as domestic birds in North America around 1606. They are now found wild in virtually every city and most rural areas. Their colour is usually a bluish gray with black bands, 2 narrow bands on the wings and a broad tail band, white rump and reddish feet and a dark dark, often with greenish-purplish iridescence on the neck.
How pigeons live and reproduce
Pigeons pair for life. About 8-12 days after mating, usually, 2 eggs are laid. Eggs require about 17- 19 days of incubation. Nests are loosely constructed and typically consist of sticks, stems, leaves, and other debris. They are built on ledges of structures or cliffs or in caves.
Why do people have pigeons as pets?
Pigeons have colour vision, a hearing range very close to yours and mine, and poorly developed senses of taste and smell. Although they cannot think, pigeons are capable of conditioned learning – hence their use as a mail system many years ago. All pigeon owners will tell you how loyal and friendly pigeons are.

With us, you can go back to sharing your home and business with the people you love, not the pests you don’t.

Beyond the mess pigeons can make for you at home or work, pigeons can cause illness. Pigeons are of serious concern because more than 50 diseases and ectoparasites are associated with pigeons, nests, and droppings. Probably the best known is the lung disease histoplasmosis. They are worldwide in distribution.

Pigeons have very acidic droppings, harming marble, limestone, painted surfaces, statues, and car finishes. Pigeons bring an offensive smell and create slippery situations with their mess. At work and at home, droppings, feathers, and nesting materials can contaminate foods, exposing those who consume the food to one of the 50 diseases pigeons carry.  Pigeons can be a problem around airports interfering with air traffic.

One of the most common questions people ask about pigeons is how to get rid of them from roofs, balconies, and industrial facilities.

Pigeons, unfortunately, can return to roost on your home or business. The best thing to do is to remove them and set up methods to discourage them from returning. Warning, this may include climbing on rooftops and other dangerous situations. We are always available to take care of the issue for you. Give us a call.

There are several methods you could use to remove and discourage pigeons humanly:

  • Structural modification. The installation of spines or netting.
  • The reduction or elimination of feeding sites.
  • The installation of specialized sound devices.

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