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Some say spiders are the most misunderstood pest, but that doesn’t make it any easier to share your house with them. As unwanted house guests, spiders can be annoying: they leave unsightly webs, and they can reproduce by the thousands.

General information about spiders
Spiders in the Grande Prairie area are mainly household pests. Wherever their food, spiders are likely to be found. Although spiders do not eat your food, they are predators, feeding on insects and other small arthropods who do love to din on your food.
How spiders live and reproduce
Female spiders deposit as few as 20-30 to several hundred eggs in a silken sac (there can be several sacs). It may be weeks later, or in the spring, before the spiderlings emerge. Most spiders are active at night and will scurry away when disturbed. During the day, they usually remain hidden in cracks, crevices, or webs.
What types of spiders are found in Northern Alberta?
Northern Alberta is home to over 40 types of spiders. The most common species of spiders in the Grande Prairie region include wolf spiders, web-weaving spiders, and jumping spiders.
How do I tell if I have a spider infestation?
There are some tell-tale signs you can look for to determine if you may have a spider infestation. You may have an infestation if you see webs, eggs sacks, excess flying insects, spider dropping, or spiders.

With us, you can go back to sharing your home and business with the people you love, not the pests you don’t.

If you suspect you have a spider infestation, it’s best to immediately give us a call because spiders can rapidly breed and spread the infestation. Although they are not harmful to the structure of your home, like some pests, they can leave your home looking unkept and indicate a more significant problem. Remember, the spiders are present where their food is.

Beyond making your home look like a scene from a Halloween movie and scaring you from the corner of your shower in the morning, spiders in the Peace Region do not cause structural damage to your home or business.

We deal with all types of spiders at Green Piper, including:

Wolf spiders are one of the most recognizable spiders in Alberta. Wolf spiders actively hunt during the night and only occasionally during the day. These spiders scare people because they are big, hairy, and fast. Outside, they hide under stones, firewood, under decks, and in leaf piles (look before you leap). Although they do not tend to want to live in your home or business, once inside, they often stay. Inside, they can be found low on walls, under furniture and other objects. Be careful if you are bringing in wood for the fireplace wolf spiders may be hidden in that firewood!

Web-weaving spiders  may look scary with their bright yellow patterns that are often found on highly venomous spiders in the wild, mostly in the movies for us in Northern Alberta. However, orb weavers do not contain potent enough venom to harm people or our pets, which are much larger than the prey that these garden spiders are adapted to hunt. They are most often found in gardens, fields, and forests

Jumping spiders The “Bold Jumper” is one of the largest and most common species of jumping spider in North America. The spider is mostly black with a conspicuous white, orange, or red triangular patch in the center of its abdomen. Their jaws have an iridescent sheen to them and come in a variety of colors. They live mainly outside in gardens and treed areas. They enter homes while chasing their prey.

Health Risks from Spiders

Spider bites usually result from squeezing or handling. Bites can also occur when the males are out looking for the lady of their dreams or when people clean out cluttered areas such as basements, attics, or garages. Spiders in the Grande Prairie area cannot penetrate human skin with their fangs.

There are many cases of a well-known bacterial infection that the medical community attributes to spider bites, although this remains under dispute by experts.

Some people recommend using essential oils to encourage spiders in their homes to leave. Certain strong scents are excellent spider repellents and can also make your home smell great. Peppermint essential oil diluted with water is known for keeping spiders away by spraying it into the corners and baseboards around your house to evict your spooky tenants.

You can also use vinegar diluted with water in a spray bottle. Be careful when using it your home may start smelling like a fish and chip shop.

Preventative Measures

Here is our advice for you on how to keep spiders away:

  • Clean your house often to avoid the insects that spiders like to snack on.
  • Seal up small holes that can let spiders inside your home.
  • Remove cobwebs regularly.

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